Serving the Los Angeles county and Orange County in Southern California, Moscow Central School of Music (MCSM) aims to help young talents explore their musical potential and provide them with the best professional guidance and training. MCSM is committed to instilling into students the value of highest artistic standards and self-expectation. Guided by a unique and proven teaching philosophy, each student at MCSM is encouraged to explorer his or her own individuality through musical education.

Teaching Methods

MCSM's teaching methods reflect the tradition of Russian music education. The same tradition has been attributed with the abundance of world class musicians from Russia in the past 150 years. Combining this tradition from Russian music schools and years of teaching experience of distinguished instructors, MCSM offers a unique teaching style that is highly effective in building up dexterity of the hands and perceptiveness of the mind.

Why we set up this Music school...

Moscow Central School of Music was founded in 2005; the school system is influenced by music school of Tchaikovsky in Moscow, Russia. Currently, there are about 600 students, more than 40 teachers, and 4 locations - at the city of Arcadia, Brea, La Puente, and San Gabriel.

In our school, we encourage students to take all different kinds of exams. It is normal that most of the students can skip 2 to 3 levels. There are even some students can advance to level 5 in one year of learning, and move to level 8 in 2.5 years*. These remarkable results are all base on focusing on high quality of technique training, and also the high quality of performing abilities.

Another extraordinary part of our school is we have high winning percentages in many music competitions. Since 2005, there are 5 students had won the first prize; in 2008, the first prize winners had increased to 17 students. In 2010, 36 students had won first prize. In 2011, 38 students had won first prize. We are not only focusing all the competitions in United States, we are even reaching out overseas to such places as China and international competitions,such as San Jose International Russian piano competition and L.A Young Musician Competition International.Including the AFAF in New York (for the first winner who has an opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall, and usually 8-10 students are sent to perform); Glendale Piano Competition (The first prize which is Mcgaughey Platinum in 2010 and 2011 were both from our school); SYMF, CAEA, Liszt and more.

Whether we are taking exams, or participating in competitions, these are types of competitions in life, if we can't change the system of competition in USA, we'd better be the one who wins.

The process of learning music, sometimes is not only about passing an exam or wining a competition; the most important thing is to gain the benefit of learning patience while learning music, work hard, and to increase self-confidence. These are the important values of learning music. When we get to know the great music from many amazing musicians, we can find the beauty, love, and honesty through their music. This is the essence of music.

In the past 6 years, we have proven that our education method is very effective. At this time, our school has become the most professional music school in Los Angeles area. All our teachers, and students, will work together as a team, to make it even better. We've set our goals, and do our best to reach those goals. Also, we welcome everyone who loves music to join us to build a better life for our future.

--- Piano Teacher Leo W

* Please watch Tony Zhang's video.

Good News

There are Total 52 No.1 Winners in 2016
December 18, 2017


1. 1/28/2018 Organization of "Love through Music" Charity Concert; all funds were donated to Children's Hospital Los Angeles .
May 22, 2017

Congratulation !!! 2017

Prof. Andrew Park's student James Qian go to Peabody Institute J.H.U.