All Awards in 2010

MTAC S. Ca. So Lo and Concerto Competition

Austin Qiu
1st Place
Emerald Chiang
2nd Place


Southwestern Youth Music Festival

Eden Chen
1st Place (PYP1)
1st Place (POB)
Jade Chen
2nd Place (PO5)
Julia Tao
1st Place (PQ37)
Holly Zhou
1st Place (PQC2)
2nd Place (PQCn 4)
Angel Wang
1st Place (POCn 1)
2nd Place (PO3)
Sally Qiu
1st Place (PO4)
Edward Tkachov
2nd Place (POB10)
1st Place (POC2)
3rd Place (PO14)
Austin Qiu
1st Place (POA)
3rd Place (PO9)
3rd Place (POCn)
Lillia Leung
3rd Place (PO2)
Julia Tao
1st Place (PQCN 1)
Annie Liu
1st Place (POC7)
Walter Chang
1st Place (PQC1)
1st Place (PQ54)
Joseph Wang
1st Place (PQC12)
3rd Place (PQCC3)
Sherry Xu
2nd Place (PQC7)
3rd Place (PQ15)
Eloise Chan
3rd Place (PQC1)
Casey Chang
3rd Place (PQB1)
Aaron Baugh
1st Place (PQCn4)
1st Place (PQCC4)
Charles Chen
2nd Place (PQ7)
Yinglong Lin
1st Place (PQ14A)
William Liu
3rd Place (PQ11)


Glendale Piano Competition

Edward Tkachev
1st Place
Kelly Liu
1st Place


Cypress Piano Competition

Emerald Chiang
1st Place ( Div, 11 BB)
William Liu
1st Place ( Div, Via )
Jade Chen
2nd Place ( Div. VB)
Angel Wang
3rd Place ( Div. ViB)
Annie Liu
3rd Place ( Div. VB)


MTAC L.A Branch Scholarship/ Sonata/S. Ca Bach Competition

Jade Chen
1st Place (cat. # 3)
Emerald Chiang
3rd Place (cat.1)
Alyssa Huang
1st Place (cat.1)
Eden Chen
SCIBF Regional Winner


AFAF (American Fine Arts Festival)

They are invited to perform at Carnegie Hall (New York) during Jun- August.
Eloise Chan
Alexander Jin
Walter Chang
Alan Lin
Estelle Chae


AFAF Fall Gala Concert

Gary He
Emerald Chiang
Kally Liu
Edward Tkachev


Moscow Central School of Music Second Piano Competition 2010 Winners

Most improved students
Heidi Luo, Zachary Silva, David Hou, Ben Hou, Victoria Muliawan, Jeffrey Siu, Angela Yang, Amy Lei.

The Winners on 5/22/2010 Saturday

Casey Chang - Platinum Award
Lilian Leung/Grace Zhang - Gold Award

Leon Liu - Platinum Award
Candace wong - Gold Award

Sydney Ly/Alyssa Huang - Platinum Award
Eric Shan/Charles Chen - Gold Award

Branden Shi/Jonathan Chiang - Platinum Award
Joanna Lei/Grace Ge - Gold Award

The Winners on 5/23/2010 Sunday

Annie Liu - Platinum Award
Sherrry Xu/David Hou - Gold Award

Joyce Zou/Ying Lin - Gold Award

Alicia Gu/Frank Jiang - Gold Award

Melissa Tong/Bonney Ruan - Platinum Award
Michael Chu/Hadi Zhang/Eric Gunn - Gold Award

Victoria Tong - Platinum Award
Rui Li/Annie Wang/Joy Lin - Gold Award

Silver Award Winners

Nadeem Ahmedi, Hamah Zhong, Brianna Nguyen, Vivian Li, Chase Chen, Aileen Wan, Andrew Shi, Derek Shiu, Andrea Li, Vanessa Chen, Angel Wang, Isabella, Brandon Nguyen, Sunny Cheng, Jessica Wei, Ryan Chang, George Yang, Ashley Leung, Steven Chen, Amy Lo, Lawzence Lin, Ying Lin, Cindy Wong, Stephanie Pan, Xixi Zheng, Kevin Luo, Ricky Ma, Cindy Lo, Steven Fu, Yanne Liu, Hans Li, Cynthin Li, Jessica Pan, Sharon Chow, Chung Guo, Ariel Chen, Emily Chen, Joy Lin, David Erazo, Michelle Wang, Benjamin Hsu.