Larisa Rakhanova
Her student was awarded the 3nd Prize winner of Chopin Internation Youth Competition in Tokyo.Has more than 30 years experience in teaching Piano. Graduated from Namangan Musical College, Republic of Uzbekistan in 1975. Has the Certificate of Music, Major in Piano, Advanced Diploma (Equivalent to Master degree) Piano teaching. In 1993 attained the status of Music Educator in the higest category. In 2006 worked as a Piano teacher at Virtuoso Russian Music Academy, Orange County, US.
Larisa Solovyova
She ever Worked as a violin teacher in Odessa special music school.Many her students participated in school and class recitals as soloist. She worked in Odessa opera orchestra. And also worked in Russian piano school in Los Angeles.She has many years experience in teaching violin.
Lilit Babayan
Lilit Babayan graduated from YKC in 1993. She has had more than 20 years of experience as a concert performer and a piano teacher. From 2011, she gained the title as Vice President in the La Puente Branch. THe vast majority of her students have won multiple competitions holding first place, such like SYMF and AFAF. Especially, win the LA. YM International Competition, Glendale and third place in the Russian International Piano Competition.