Wang Fuzeng
Was a professor in the Central Conservatory of Music Opera Department. His student won the 3rd. place in the International Open Competition in Finland in 1983. He teaches vocal in our school.
Wang Jin
Awarded more than 10 times prizes at international competition for conductors in Europe, such as "Prague Spring",Malko" and "Toscanini". He was Professor at 3 conservatory & university. He'd worked with more than 80 orchestras in Europe & Asia. He is the 1st conductor at the Comic Opera in Berlin.Now, he is GMD (General Music Director) at the Wurzburg Opera in Germany. He is W. Europe chair of "Elite Musician Association" and Honorary Director of Moscow Music School at L.A.
Xu Yixuan
Piano teacher, Master Degree from UNC. Ten more years of piano teaching experiences.