Wang Jin
Awarded more than 10 times prizes at international competition for conductors in Europe, such as "Prague Spring",Malko" and "Toscanini". He was Professor at 3 conservatory & university. He'd worked with more than 80 orchestras in Europe & Asia. He is the 1st conductor at the Comic Opera in Berlin.Now, he is GMD (General Music Director) at the Wurzburg Opera in Germany. He is W. Europe chair of "Elite Musician Association" and Honorary Director of Moscow Music School at L.A.
Xu Yixuan
Piano teacher, Master Degree from UNC. Ten more years of piano teaching experiences.
Xu Zhenmin
Admitted into the composition department of Central Conservatory of Music in 1952. Graduated in 1957 and became a faculty member of the Central Conservatory of Music, and transferred next year to teach in department of music in Nankjing Institute of Fine Arts for 30 years. He returned to Central Conservatory of Music in 1988 and was appointed as a professor and supervisor of dectorate candidates.As a teacher, he has educated and brought up many composers for the country during his 40-year educational career,many of them have become the professors and well- known composers who are very active in China and abroad.His works have been performed not only in China but also in countries like Russia, Japan, USA, Mexico, Chile, Germany,Spain,Czech,Sweden,Finland,Estonia and Austalia. He comes to our school to hold the Master Class 2 times per year.